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What you should and shouldn’t do during an interview

There are things that one should do and shouldn’t do in an interview. You will be in front of some intimidating people like human resources, managers or interviewers. You are the one who is supposed to do more of the talking informing them about yourself. Before you get on the spotlight, you should know what to do and what not to do.

What to do in an interview

Since a lot of things have changed so far and there are new ways of doing things due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Thus, as an individual, it is okay to ask the organisation about how they handle economic and health problems which may be affecting the country or world. By doing so it shows just how dedicated you are to working. And always follow the instructions put up by an organisation.

If they ask about your skills, show them that you have extra skills that they need in their company. Once you have studied about the company you will know what to offer to them in extra and it is advisable to inform them about it. Tell them about your strengths in either technology or skills. Make sure it’s something that makes them consider hiring you for the job.

At times it is okay to brag about all of your achievement in an informative way. There more qualified you to sound the higher your chances of being hired as they know that they can get more out of you. In an interview make sure to say all the important things that your employer would like to know and if some of your qualifications are not asked, create an opportunity to say it all. Inform them of your career development plan.

After you have answered all the questions, you will have to be sure as to if they are considering to hire you. To find out, ask inducing questions about your performance. From their response, you can understand if you are an ideal candidate or if they want to know more.

What not to do in an interview

There are some things that should not be done or said in an interview. Right from the point when you enter the room, you should have already known the don’ts in the room. Firstly,do not come unprepared for the questions. At most, don’t be too friendly to the managers or human resources.

To start with, when they ask you about yourself don’t go on about your family, where you went to school and that other personal stuff. It is not about that which they are concerned about, but your development in career. Thus when undergoing an interview avoid talking too much about family plans or retirement its a turn-off.

One should not be too fast in telling the interviewer about their big career aspirations like being a CEO withing a few years. It scares the managers and reduces your chances of being hired. Do not show that the reason you want the job you are applying for is for money, the good location or the benefits you know about the company. These are not good reasons to hire someone.

Do not give answers that can disqualify you immediately. Try not to sound like a perfectionist its unreal but admitting that you need to improve your career development is the best way to go.

At all times don’t bad mouth your current or former boss showing the reason you left. Defending yourself so much when asked about being fired or laid off is not a good impression so don’t explain much on it. One the start asking about salary expectation.

Don’t be too excited that you got the job and don’t be too demanding on your expectation.

In a nutshell, if you master these expectations of you in an interview you won’t be disappointed in yourself at the end of the day. Some of the things to do when in an interview are too honest about things you want to improve. With only seven seconds to make the first impression, be smart and dress for success. Don’t be too personal with the bosses rather go with the flow of your questionnaire’s gestures and try to copy that. It will make you more understandable and likeable.

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