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What is the salary of a Data Management Manager in South Africa?

What is the salary of a Data Management Manager in South Africa?

Data management is a process taken to collect data, keep it and use it efficiently in an organisation. This practise has to be done cost-effectively but the data stored securely. Many organisations need data management personals especially those to manage the process of data management. In South Africa and worldwide, companies are growing and there is a need to increase the value of their intangible assets. These assets are kept as data which needs to be constantly managed. Data management managers are very important in the growth of a business and are involved in software engineering which is a high paying job in South Africa. As of such, data management managers are paid heavily every month.

In organisations, there is always a need for a professional who manages the data of the company. Why is it necessary to have a data management manager in your company? There are a variety of reasons and in order to understand this one needs to know more about data management. This article will inform you all about data management, starting from what the data managers do to how they rank in the software engineering industry. If you want to pursue a career in data management there are courses that one should take to create his or her own career path. Take a step forward to your path by reading this article.

Data management manager’s work in the organisation

Data management managers have one main purpose in their work, which is to examine all the company’s data system. The various data systems in a company are taken care of by the data managers by organising them accordingly. They also work in analysing data, while efficiently saving time and energy.

The process of overseeing the data systems of an organisation is concluded by storing the data safely so that it doesn’t get lost and is easily recovered. The data management managers have to make sure that the data secured so that no one can tamper with it. They set in place security standards for all the important data in the computers.

As managers, they interact a lot with other employees to supervise their work in data management. They assign the employees with new tasks to manage the data these tasks may involve data collections and operation. At the end of each task, they make sure that the entry of data management is done properly and operating well too. All the problems that may arise are controlled by the manager

The data managers develop policies for the database systems. New ideas and procedures for managing data are also developed by data managers to ensure the security of the data from hackers. They do a lot of research studies in the work to improve their data management skills for employees and the manager.
They work in assessing and evaluating computerised data while updating the software and hardware. The data management techniques are formulated for easy management by other personals by the managers. By optimizing the data the organisations are helped to make decisions for the future of the company especially to make a profit.

Data management managers create a discovery layer for easy identification if the company data by software developers and data scientists. They also create a data science environment for repurposing and testing of the computerised data.

In order to analyse and carefully manage the data, one needs to have the skills and knowledge. Many colleges and universities in South Africa offer the best education in data management. Which course is good for one to become a data management manager.

Courses you should take to be a data management manager

Courses to become data management managers are there to train individuals for assessment and analysing of data. With a course in this management field, you can get a job of your choice in the field. This is to help you reach your career goals effectively. It offers rewarding opportunities for those who want to succeed in the field. Jobs like data analysts, data programmer and data management manager with more experience.

There are four main courses that one should choose from in order to be a data manager and secure a good job. Each course offers its own training force for the job.

1. Data management and visualisation

This course is meant to educate students all about data. The analysis and management of data are some of the things that are taught in this course. Using a computer individual are taught on how to access the data, store it properly and how the data can be derived. At the end of the course, they will be able to interpret any data given to them and protect the data for organisations or cooperations. One can definitely be hired as a data manager.

2.Data science

Data science courses are there to inform students about data. They are taught how to computerise the data for use. Analysing and developing the data is one of the key things that they learn. They are taught how to create new procedures for storage of data. This course will help personals to make informed decisions about the organisation’s business.

3. Data insights
Data insight course is to educate pupils on how to derive insights about data through data visualisation and analysis. It offers training on methods to recover data and loading it using Cloud google. They have to mine and analyse the data well so as to use the skills properly on the job.

4. Big data analysis

This course offers a wide range of training for data analysis. The data can be of the health care industry, finance industry or any other industry. Good analysis of data and testing is done in the training so that individuals can be data analysts. Data analysts can work everywhere and succeed to upgrade to a data manager. A student will be taught on how to store the data efficiently so that it never gets lost with the use of a high standard quantum limit engine.

Many have succeeded to become data management managers after loads of work at school and at the job. Working hard is the way to make yourself known in the field and slowly you will be promoted because of your skills and experience. As expected there is more money paid when one is finally a data management manager with experience. Many companies will be searching for him or her.

What is the salary of a Data Management Manager in South Africa

How much are Data Management managers paid in South Africa?

Since data management is very important to all companies that have database systems, this occupation is highly paid. They receive large sums of money every month in accordance with their skills and experience. It can be limited if the organisation does not have a lot of intangible assets computerised.

The average salary of a data management managers countrywide in South Africa is 369,046rands. On an hourly basis, these managers are paid R300,000 on average. Their salary includes bonuses and sharing of profit made in the month of work or year of work.

A beginner in the field thus, an early data manager with 1-4 years of experience in the job is paid a compensation salary of 255,000rands on average after receiving 26 salaries. The compensation money includes the bonus, tips and overtime.

A medium data manager with 5-9 years of experience in the job receives a total amount of 370,000rands compensation every month after receiving 20 salaries in the fifth year.

The stages of career development increase and one become experienced in the job that he is called an expert. This individual will have 10-19 years of experience in the field working as a data management manager. He or she is compensated with a salary of about 800,000rands each month on 18 salaries.
The amount of money that you will be paid as a data management manager may differ from another’s pay due to differences in skill and experience. Also, different cities and organisation have a way of rewarding their workers thus one should consider this when looking for a job. Another thing that you should know is the ranking of data management jobs in comparison to other professions

How does Data Management manager job rank in comparison to other professions

On all software engineering jobs, data management is ranked at number 7. On all professions, it is at rank 20. This job is very much in demand worldwide and valued by all organisations.

Data management managers are very important in all organisations for the security of its database. It makes sure that the data is kept in the organisation never to be lost and keeps the normal running of the business in shape. With the increase of data generated by companies, there is a need to develop it and a data manager can do it. This job is very important, companies should really hire data managers to monitor the operation of the data.

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What is the salary of a Data Management Manager in South Africa?


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