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Topics you should research before your next job interview


Topics you should research before your next job interview

There is no doubt that interviews are incredibly stressful but the more you prepare before the interview the better your chances at succeeding. The trick to acing an interview is simple, its research, be armed with all the knowledge you can get because knowledge is power. Take your time to research about these three topics the company, the job and the people who are interviewing you.

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The company

This is a given before you go to an interview you must know an awful lot about the company, what it does, the management, values and vision only to mention a few. To learn about the company, you can visit their website, go to the about section and learn about the company their history and their current status. Also, you can learn more about the company by visiting their social media profiles and fish out key facts about the business, its leadership, culture and philosophy. Find out what the company does, what are their values and what differentiates them from the others in the same industry.
You should also look at recent news about the company and the whole industry for you to give relevant informed examples in your interview. Also, take a further step forward and research about the company`s close competitors, this makes you look smart and well prepared to leave a good impression on the recruiter.

The job

You might think that you know the job you are being interviewed for extensively but most of the time people choke when asked extensive questions about the job. The question is if you understand the role you are applying for. So, before your interview go back to the job description and review the roles and responsibility of the job you are being interviewed for. This will give you a chance to show where you can contribute, what you can add to the role and why you are the ideal person for that role.

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Who is your interviewer?

Knowing your interviewers gives you an added advantage during your interview. Having a background on the people who will be interviewing you will help you in anticipating the questions they will ask. Find common grounds with the interviewer, connect with them and make a good first impression. The interviewer will most like will have done a background check on you so there is no harm in doing one yourself on them. You can learn more about the interview by checking their social media profiles and most importantly their LinkedIn profile and get a good grip on who they are and what they require from people.
This is the basic information you need to research on before an interview. With information more is gold, you can do a lot more with more knowledge so don’t stop there, absorb as much information as you can before going to that interview, this will usher you into having a smooth and confident interview, increasing your chances in getting that job.

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