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The new world of work and what it means for your career

We are living through a technological revolution, a period of fast change and business disruption. Technology is not only changing how we live but also the very nature of work itself. Technology has always been the driver of change in society from the cavemen making stone tools to making robots in today s era. The difference between then and now is the pace at which technology is evolving.

The change in technology has been spectacular in the last few years than we have seen in the last 50 years. Models of work have changed dramatically due to the improvement of technology. Nowadays we have machine learning technology, neuro-networks, training algorithms artificial intelligence and all of these technologies leads to greater automation. We have seen robots replace manual labour and now the robots have become even more capable due to machine learning and artificial intelligence. Robots can no longer just perform programmed tasks but they can also study patterns and make decisions on their own leading to broad concern about the destruction of jobs. So, what does all of this say about your career?

What does it mean for people already employed?

As much as people say jobs are being destroyed jobs are also being changed in away. Change in work generally means the change in what you do at your job. An example is that of bank tellers their primary job back then was to collect deposits, handle transfers and withdrawals. However, due to the arrival of atm machines and mobile banking, it led to a change in the job description of the tellers, nowadays bank tellers sell insurance and also conduct marketing activities. So for those employed generally their job description will change due to technological changes.

How about those looking for work?


The demand for work will shift to a rise in technologically savvy jobs. The demand for employees who are in the technology field will increase. Hence if one wants a chance to career advancement or even getting a job, they should be technologically savvy. Also, the demand for the work that technology cannot do will increase. this means all those jobs that cannot be performed by machines will increase in demand, that is the design, creativity and emotion-related jobs such as therapy and nursing. For one to have a better chance of getting a job in the future they would have to switch their fields and they will have a better chance of employment.

The world of work is evolving each day and so should you. Old principles and practices of work are becoming obsolete by the day and in order for you to remain competitive in the job market and advance your career, you need to get with the times and evolve yourself. The trick is self-development, not to stay stagnant, in this volatile industry, enrol in online courses go to workshops, get the necessary skills that are required to advance your career and put you in a more competitive position to land a good job that satisfies your goals.

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