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The importance of career guidance in your career

Career guidance is a process of giving advise to personal about career. Career brings a path taken by someone in their life in order to provide for his or her needs, it is very important to get the proper guidance. With a good career plan, you can take care of yourself and your loved ones effectively. To succeed in that, you need career guidance.

Career guidance is usually rendered to by professional and from them, you can get the best counselling. From an early age, a child should be guided as to which career to choose. From a level of about grade six, a child should be trained accordingly. One’s likes and dislikes can be recognised at this age and if possible they might start working on their career development. Schools from primary level to tertiary level, they have a department for career guidance for the children. Not only at schools, but at developed workplaces too. Why is it so important to have career guidance? Read below and get the and answer

Importance of Career guidance

Since it is available at a small age, it shows how important it is. In this article, we will know its importance at each level from primary to tertiary schools and then work.

1. Encourages studying

At a lower age, children go for career guidance to get information on the jobs available in the country and worldwide. At that level, children will be asked to choose which job they wanted to do. Both teachers and career counsellor will encourage the child to do some more work at school practically and literally, to help them reach their goal. Thus, from an early age, a child will strive to pass and fulfil their dreams.

2. Career choice

Choosing a career becomes harder as one grows up. When in high school, some children may find themselves caught up between what they thought they wanted to do and what they are hearing from others. Career guides at High Schools will help educate an individual on what career to pursue. They offer free counselling and peer education which will help an individual to not be too concerned about what their peers are doing or saying but what they want and value. They recognise skills with a child and help develop him or her according to the skills and interests.

importance of career guidance

3. Application of a job

Career guidance teaches individuals how to apply for a job effectively. The sessions help one develop their career goals and pursue them. The counsellor, therefore, looks for current job openings in a different field and show the individual of trending job so that they know of the job opportunities out there. They also help personal to apply and give tips on a good application form answering or letter writing. With a good letter, one might be selected for an interview. The counsellor will wittingly help you create a resume.

4. Tips on a successful interview

When one goes for career guidance they have guided on what job fits them well. Once you know what job is good for you, you will know what to apply for. In addition, career guides are there to also help you prepare for an interview. They can guide you with the types of questions that may be asked. The counsellor will help you create a checklist for all your skills snd experiences so that you don’t miss anything. There are do’s and don’ts on an interview that one is made known of in career guiding.

5. Good Performance at work.

One is advised from an early age on how to treat those elderly to them in career guidance, that works too for working environments. The career guide crew at tertiary level help improve a child’s career development plan. They educate them on the realities of workplaces so that when they go out in the working world, they know how to handle it. While at work, going for career guidance is a good thing to get more insight on how to perform well and impress the bosses. They also give advice on how to handle stressful jobs.

Career guidance is important for not only an individual but the economy and world. A person who has had guidance in their career plans are the most successful and happy in their work.



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