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Steps towards a successful career

Among many other definitions, career development can be defined as a process of learning to manage and evolving one’s chosen professional future. The keyword here is a process. Career development is not a once-off event. It involves a step by step process in order for you to be successful in your chosen career path.
Do you still remember in high school when the schools held career guidance days? Professionals from different sections of the workforce would come and talk to students about their jobs, yes, that was your introduction to career development. They would share information about how to become what they were, what to focus on and additional courses you would have to acquire, a number of years taken and so forth.

But here’s why it did not stick to you and definitely did not work.

1. Some of the professions you wanted to pursue were of your childhood fantasies and when you grew older, you no longer had those in mind.
2. As you grew older, you developed new interests.
3. the school system tossed you somewhere else because of your academic performance.
All these above reasons made you drift away from the real career of your choice, but don’t despair, here’s another way to rediscover what you want and a career that will not only make you a living but drive you to the uppermost heights of your potential.



This is the fundamental ingredient of development in as far as choosing your career is concerned. Ask yourself these questions. Who am I? what am I good at? What am I bad at? If you can not figure out the answers for yourself ask a friend who gives an honest opinion. After this, shape your career according to the strengths you possess. For example, if you are good at math, you ought to choose something that is related. Ask yourself that are you able to do this math-related thing most of your time. If yes then follow that path,if not choose something else.

Career awareness

Do your homework. Research about the career you would want to pursue. What is required of you?. What are the characteristics of the job? Are you prepared to do this job in the long run?
Does this career path require you to change your lifestyle? Are there other additional qualifications you need to have before you take the job?
You can also lookup the successful people in that field. Figure out what they do or did in order to rise above the rest.

Goal setting

This part you guessed it right? After knowing the above, now match your strengths and shape them into this career mould of your choice. This process can take long but definitely, you will get there. Make it your mission to get the necessary information and qualification in order for you to qualify in this career path. If it means taking extra courses go ahead and do so. Make it easy for yourself to succeed in your chosen field.

Continue to develop

In this ever-changing world, one needs to continue to adapt to the newest technologies, latest research methodologies and processes in order for you to stay in the game. Remember we said career development is a process

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