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Networking is key to the growth of your career. All you need to know about networking

Network means connecting, connecting with other people over a certain activity. Networking is one of the most successful ways of finding a job. To get a good job you need the necessary skills, commitment and a good network. The power of relationships cannot be understated. Building relationships can help you take your career up further and get that job you have always wanted. Networking is not easy; some people may find networking a tall order. Networking requires strategy, poise and mostly courage.

In this article, we look at the importance of networking and how you can use it to get the job you have always wanted.

Why networking is important

Networking opens you up to more job opportunities. Not all jobs are listed online or advertised publicly. Some jobs are not advertised publicly and some are advertised internally. Without networking, you wouldn’t know about all these jobs hence underlining the importance of networking.

Networking can be a good source of reference. Building relationships with people can lead you to get good referrals. Your network can recommend you for a certain job increasing your job finding opportunity.

Networking can also aid you in career development. By networking with other people, you tend to gain more knowledge and guidance taking your career to a higher level. You can gain new ideas and new ways of doing a certain task much efficiently improving your skills and competence as a person.

Furthermore, networking provides you with the necessary support you need maybe finding a job or getting through a tough time in your personal life and work life. Networking helps you gain new friends and you can even find your closest friend through networking.

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Networking tips

It’s not about quantity but quality

Networking is all about making connections that count. It’s not about how much people you have in your network but it is about how important and useful are they in your career. It also goes the other way round make sure you have something on offer yourself make the connection mutually beneficial for all parties.

Make use of social media

Social networking not all about gossip and flaunting your life off to people. Social media can also be used to create career networks. Find the people that benefit you and connect with them on social media.

Meet people in person

Nowadays networking can be done on social networks, one, in particular, coming to mind is LinkedIn. Of course, it is beneficial but to a certain extent. Face to face connections tends to be deeper than virtual connections. Wherever possible meet your connections physically for a more personal connection.

It’s a long game

Connecting with people is difficult, it needs time and patients like all relationships. Give it time, be patient and follow up on your leads and you will reap your rewards.
To conclude networking is a useful tool for career development and job seeking. Be brave, put yourself out there, maybe you are one referral from your dream job and you do not know it.


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