Introducing the free high school curriculum from the University of Cape Town

UCT campus
UCT campus. Image: UCT Website

UCT has introduced a world-class online high school curriculum available for all South Africans. The curriculum is available to any learner, teacher, or parent for free. The programme was introduced thanks to the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation is a charitable, non-profit private foundation established by the Dell family. The aim of the foundation is to help institutions with access to high-quality tools and data that can help teachers better meet their students’ needs.

The High School Curriculum has these features in store:

  • Students can participate in the CAPS curriculum at their own pace
  • Full access to the UCT Online High School Free Curriculum platform, with the ability to track their learning path.
  • The ability to complete computer-graded assignments.
  • The course consists of expertly designed notes and videos, animations, quizzes, assignments and more.
  • The UI is user-friendly and intuitive and has an offline mode where you can download material and use it offline

Signing up for the programme is as easy as it gets. There is no application process, you only need to create an account in order to access the curriculum.

Note: For you to access the UCT Online High School Free Curriculum you need data, the platform is not a zero-rated/data-free site. The platform does not include access to teachers and support coaches. For more information visit the UCT Online High School website.

Sign up for the free curriculum.


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