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Dealing with rejection after failing an interview

Interviews: dealing with rejection

This article is premised on how to deal with rejection after the job interview. It takes into consideration the reasons why you might have been rejected as well as offering a way forward. Rejection from the dream job you have been always looking out for can be painful and yet it can be a springboard for you to bounce on an even higher level and reach your maximum potential. Read on…

Do not take it personally

Look on the bright side. Take the rejection as feedback.
It is not that there is something wrong with you, it reveals that there is something which needs to be improved.

Ask for clarification.
One way to be sure of what went wrong is to ask. This is possible when they tell you there and then that you are not going to be hired.
Ask for the reasons why they will not hire you. If they are open and honest, they will provide you with vital information on your shortcomings and this will enable you to correct then.

Never give up.

Remember the rejection is not directed to you. Continue to look for other opportunities and make sure you profit from them.

Interviews: dealing with rejection   This article is premised on how to deal with rejection after the job interview.

Back to the drawing board.

Check if you had applied for the right job. Are your qualifications corresponding with the job requirements? This can be one of the reasons why they have rejected. Do you have the required skills, qualifications and experience?

Take a look at your cv.

-was it professionally done?
-does it serves to inform your prospective employer what you can do for the company?
-if not so then make it your mission to remake your cv so that it gets you your dream job.

Your presentation.

There are two presentations you need to take notice of when applying for a job and going for an interview.

The first presentation is of the outside. How you look. Do you dress professionally? Dress like a prospect rather than a suspect. The more you look professional, the higher chances of you being hired. Dressing professionally makes people around you take you seriously and not for granted. Dress professionally and earn respect

Always look presentable.
The second type of presentation is verbal. This one comes with a lot of practice.
Are you introverted? Do you find it difficult to think on your feet or answer appropriately when you are asked a question?

Do you always say the wrong things then regret it later? If your answer is yes on all of the questions then you might want to start increasing and improving your speaking skills. Reach out, find a local toastmasters group and join.

Make it a point to meet and greet strangers, it will lower your anxiety when speaking to your interviewer.

On your speaking presentation try as much to speak up, gesture accordingly and use eye contact to your advantage when speaking. This will give you the confidence you need to boost your presentation skills.

These are the steps you can take after your rejection. Try looking at your shortcomings and use these insights to maximize your chances of you being hired next time.

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