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How to work from home effectively during the pandemic

In light of this pandemic, people have been forced to work from home and maintain social distancing in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. For many people working from home is a new thing and it can become overwhelming for some people. In this article, we take a look at the ways you can work remotely effectively and avoid distractions from various background noises.

Get your brain, in the mood

The most difficult thing from working from home is getting your brain to be in work mode. However, at home most of these things are not available for you hence it’s difficult for you to get yourself to working seriously without these work triggers.

In order to get work done at home, you need to have work triggers. That is, you need to create your own work triggers. That creates a designated workspace. Set up a desk and working area which will trigger your brain to be in work mode. Some people find dressing up in their work clothes as an effective trigger for them to be in work mode.

Avoid distractions

Distractions, distractions, they’re one of the biggest challenges of working remotely. There many distractions at home from your tv, bed, food and the internet. However, the major distraction comes from people you live with, your roommates, loved ones and even pets.
To avoid distractions, you need to set up ground rules with the people you live with. Let them know that when working you do not need to be disturbed, that is telling your kids not to disturb you when working, telling them to dial the noise down and to avoid you during your working time.

The other thing you can do is to keep a clearly defined set of working hours. Separate your work time from all the other activities you do at home. Do not do non-work tasks during your work time, this will become a recurring distraction and will rob you of your full attention.

Maintaining a clear schedule will help you be more efficient whilst working at home. It will keep you steered in the right direction and help you measure your performance at the end of the day. Use scheduler applications on your phone or computer such as to-do list, Evernote and any do keep track of all your daily activities.

Communicate with your peers consistently

Collaboration is an important aspect of work and working from does not undermine its
importance either. Constant communication is important to ensure that everyone is on
the same page. Direct reports are important as a motivation and monitoring system for
yourself. Use zoom, email, social media channels to communicate with your team all the
time and get your work done.

The conclusion

Working from home can be difficult and to others, it can be fun. Discipline and
accountability are a major factor in working from. You yourself are your own supervisor
and motivator. As much as we would like to focus on the difficulties of home working,
but we should also embrace the perks provided. You can work flexible hours at home,
you can work on your bed at home and you are the boss of your time. Working from
home has no one solution, everybody has their way of doing it, and every way is the
right way. So, the experiment finds what is best for you to be the best employee you can be at home.

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