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How to prepare for an interview to get the job: The Checklist

How to prepare for an interview?

We all want to have a career in life and get the best job. To get a job, one should apply when job openings come up either online or directly to companies. But that’s not the end, the hard part comes when you go for an interview. You may be qualified greatly for the job but messing up an interview can cost you a job. One needs to be well prepared for an interview so that they can ace it and impress the bosses or human resources. This article will help you prepare for an interview so that you can get the job you want.
When preparing for an interview one should prepare by doing three main things these are:

1. Building an interview checklist.

By writing your Checklist, you are writing all of your experiences and achievement that you would like your employer to know about. This will help to not forget the important things you want the interview to know. While being interviewed, create opportunities to say whatever you had planned in your Checklist. Make sure you don’t answer in a straight way rather in an explanatory way. With a checklist, you can document all your stuff matching them to the no in question.

2. Pre-interviewing yourself.

To prepare for an interview one has to have everything in order to ace the interview. You need to master your confidence and practice beforehand. If you have a career coach, he or she might help you to prepare for your interview. You can have a play with him or her as you try to answer the most common interview questions confidently and promptly. But don’t trust that all the questions you have practised are exactly those that you will be asked. Employers have different aspects that they are looking for but when you are ready it’s all good.

3. Prepare your interview with google smart research.

Google smart research will help you to know what kind of questions are commonly asked by an organisation in order to consider hiring. You can research the questions employers would like to know about you, about where you worked and your salary expectations. Take your time to understand the questions and find a way to answer them effectively in the presence of a manager. Because of the new changes due to Covid-19 be prepared to answer questions about how this has affected your career and ask questions to your employers about how they handle health crises.
They are other tips to help you prepare for the questions that you will be asked in an interview. One should master how to answer these questions.
How to answer personal questions

When answering personal questions use that opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest of the other candidates looking for a job so that you get hired. Try to show the organisation that you have a purpose, and you are sure their company is the one you want to grow your career at. Prepare yourself to answer questions like where you see yourself in the next years. You should show them that you have had great work with no supervision so you want to progress to help the organisation at most.

Answering questions relating to your desire to get the job: Why you want the job?

When preparing to answer this kind of questions think of all the skills you have acquired in the past. Make sure you inform them about the important qualities and your additional abilities that you can offer them in the future. Why you want the job, is one of the main questions to think about when preparing an interview. If you have a career to follow make sure that’s the job you applied for so that it becomes easier for you to explain your need for the job. Investigate a lot about the company you applied to.
How to answer questions about your last job

Mention the important reasons you left your last job, trying not to sound demanding. Don’t tell the manager about hating your last manager but tell them about career development. Inform them respectively of your cultural expectations so that you don’t ruin your values.
How to answer questions about salary

Some interviewers may want to know about your last salary pay, it is okay to answer this so be prepared to answer or escape it by saying your salary expectations respectfully. When answering about your salary expectations, give it as a range basing on the benefits the company offers. To prepare for answering this question, you should research the amount of money some in your field get in that company. This will help you answer in the end.


In conclusion, preparing for an interview is the most important stage to succeed in your career. Prepare carefully your ways to tackle the questions and impress your interviewers.


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