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How to identify your career path

A career path is defined as a profession or an occupation. This could be in one field or in various fields. One can choose a career path even in their sleep, identifying a career path that specifically suits and one that will fulfil you, will require a bit of introspection, research, guidance and heart into it.

Identifying a career path before diving into the path is an important step, this is so as walking the path is also living your life. Many Individuals have had to drop a career after years having realised it was not for them or it was not what they expected or it was just depressing and this is where identifying your career path comes in. Honesty will have to be your friend, in this case, asking the important questions that will take you on a journey to introspect: what are my values? Is my intended career choice in alignment with my values? What am I good at? What job would I do and not mind even if I were not to be paid? What is that one thing that I do not slog at doing? Pay attention to what people have always said you are good at. Picture yourself doing it in a year, five years and ten years.

Introspecting is but one of the many steps to identifying your career path. Invest in a career coach to help you identify, now a career coach is there to help not tell you what your path should be. Volunteer in a field you intend to pursue and have a feel of it, which is one way of research, ask from those that are already in the field, the internet is awash with information, research.

Once you have identified, remember you are not there yet. One needs to put a strategy in place of how the road to the career path will pan out. There are many routes one can take to getting to the desired destination. The steps are as follows; identifying a career path, career planning i.e putting in plans in place that are in alignment with your career path, career progression, career review, career development.

Each and every one of us is created for a reason, whatever field one takes it impacts the next person one way or the other. Choosing for it to impact you first in a way that grows you to be better and better before thinking of the pecks that come with and the likes is a path one should take, for when it does impact the next person, you will be found doing you, what you love. Happy identifying!

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