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How to conduct yourself at work

How to conduct yourself at work

If you want to get ahead in your career, sometimes its not all about your skills or who you know but also about how you conduct yourself at work. Why does good behaviour matter? Good behaviour and manners bring positive attention to you and your work. Good behavior and manners can lead to better teamwork and also brings about harmony and less tension at work. Good behaviour and manners show how professional you are. In today’s world, good manners are hard to come by. People are being rude to each other and gossiping at the workplace. Today we take a look at the snippets of the dos and don’ts at your workplace, that is stuff you should do and not do, in a bid to help you advance your career.
Don’t talk loudly

No one likes a loud talker especially at a professional place. Speaking with a loud voice is a distraction at work, it shows a lack of professionalism. Shouting at someone who is at a distance away from you is not encouraged at work. If you want to converse with someone who is a distance away from you, go to them and talk to them closely. Talking loudly can be a distraction to others who are doing their work, thus disturbing the flow of work and productivity of your peers.

Don’t interrupt other people whilst they are talking

Interrupting your peers whilst they are talking is considered to be rude. Show patience, wait your turn and say what you want to say after your peer has finished saying what they want to say.

conducting yourself at work
Don’t snoop into other people s business

Respect privacy. Do not get into other people s business or gossiping about other people`s issues. Do not ask personal questions to people you are not close with. Gossiping is a major relationship killer at work. Do not talk about other people behind their back, mind your business and you will be ok.
Learn to keep your word and respect other people s time
When you promise to do something at a particular time do it, do not go back on your word. Remember you are working with other people who also have their tasks to complete, its not all about you. Also, do not waste other people s time. Do stuff that you are supposed to do, do at the supposed time.

Say thank you and please

When your peer helps you to complete a task, or gives you their time and help you with your cause, learn to say thank you. Saying thank you might be a small thing but it goes a long way, into getting further help in the future. When asking for something ask politely add a please and people will help you with pleasure.

Good manners are important for your career advancements particularly your recommendations. Good manners will lead you to getting good references helping you advance your career. Constantly look at yourself, and figure out your weaknesses and work on them to improve your behaviour and manners. Live by the principle of do unto others what you want them to do to you and you will be alright.


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