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Everything you need to know about mentoring and why it is important to you

The art of mentoring

The modern era business landscape is more volatile than ever. Navigating the world
today is more difficult than it was back then, you need guidance, you need a GPS to
help you navigate your home life and career. The importance of mentoring cannot be
understated. Most of the greats had mentors; people who helped them figure out which
way to go, from mark Zuckerberg, Oprah and Bill gates they all had mentors. Whether
you are advancing your career in an organization or finding a new job having a mentor
can be a major benefit in your life. In this article, we take a look at why you need a
mentor and why it’s beneficial for you.

So, what is a mentor? A mentor is someone who is more experienced and
knowledgeable than you in a particular field. A mentor is often older and a person you
see as a role model.

Mentors are a source of motivation

Mentors are a source of encouragement. In times where you feel lost, and you do not
have the power to carry on mentors can provide a source of life and motivation to you.
A mentor can be inspirational to your cause. The achievements of your mentor can
motivate you to strive on and work harder towards attaining your goals.
Mentors can pass knowledge to you.

Mentors can provide you with the necessary knowledge you need to advance your
career. Mentors are extremely experienced people in a particular field. They have
acquired all the knowledge they can get about a certain subject or area. Mentors can
arm you with important information that can help you in your career or get a new

Gain a new perspective

Mentors can aid you in changing perspective on your situation due to their experience.
Mentors can be objective and also, they will help you see the big picture due to their
experiences in life. You might be stuck in a situation where you do not know what to
do, or you are stuck with a problem which you cannot solve, a mentor can help you gain a new perspective and a way of completing that task.

Can help you move faster

Due to the experience of a mentor, they will help you solve a problem faster and also complete tasks faster. With no mentor, you can get stuck in situations for far too long due to lack of knowledge.

Better decision making

Having a mentor can aid you in making quality decisions. Due to the availability of information from mentors you are able to make well-informed decisions which can help you achieve your goals.

In conclusion, having a mentor is really beneficiary to your career. A good mentor will lead you in the right direction to achieving your goals, it’s a very important step in career advancement. So, find an honest person you who you feel like you can trust respect and is successful enough to aid you in your career. It should be someone you are comfortable with and can ask anything about your career to them. The payoff is tremendous, get yourself a mentor now.


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