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Best tips for writing business letters

Best tips for writing business letters.

Whether you are writing a cover letter, application letter, report or motivation, the aim of all those can be summed up with this abbreviation ABC. Easy right? ABC. The best gift you can give your reader is the best information in the least time. Now let us unpack the ABC model. Here it is….

Most of the times in our pursuit of getting hired we tend to lie or at least misrepresent facts. We tend to over-promise yet we have so little to deliver.

Accuracy requires attention to detail, make sure you hare writing the correct details in facts and figures. Keep an eye on your spellings too.

Make sure your letter is addressing the right person of the right gender at the right time in the right format. Spell their name correctly and polish all the grammatical errors.
Give enough information to make your letter accurate.

writing business letters

Before you start writing, make sure you have all the facts you need to get started.
Tell the aim of the letter.

Make sure you put a strong clear start on your letter. A powerful opening can go a long way. It helps you and your reader to focus on the issue at hand.

Here we are not contradicting with accuracy. The secret of brevity is to give your reader, boss or prospective employer enough information and no more.
Make sure you sift essential information, getting rid of all the nonsensical information.
Avoid giving a letter that is wordy and ridden with expressions that can be easily avoided.
Remember that this person or people you are writing to are super busy and they do not have the time to hunt for your important points in a jungle of words. It is to your interest that you do not annoy them with a lengthy letter.
Also do not be too brief. Being too brief may cause the reader to misunderstand your message. Being too brief may also cause you to gloss over important issues making them seem unimportant.
Expand a little on your points so that they do not strike the reader as ambiguous.


This is largely a matter of style and organization of work.
Have a structured way or pattern of presenting your points rather than haphazardly.
Make use of discourse markers which entails your reader that you are coming from where and going.


Indicate order by using numbers like firstly, secondly and last.
At the end give a brief summary of what you were informed so that it becomes clear why and what you were telling your reader.

Think about your reader as you write, put yourself in their shoes. Ask this question to yourself questions like do I understand this letter? If your answer is yes then you are doing a good job.

Start each new idea on a new line and avoid presenting a clustered document.

Well, these are tips on writing business letters. They help you to stand out in a clutter of information which your prospective employer or boss is bombarded by every day.

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